Request A Cleaning

How to Schedule a House Cleaning


Schedule requests can only be accepted by email, communication by texts are not guaranteed.
Please give us plenty of notice for any schedule requests as we do fill up during the busy season..

You should always receive a response of at least “got it” to confirm it made it on to the schedule.

If you do not receive any response, it has not made it on to the calendar. Please email or call (530) 550-7218.

When requesting cleaning we need to know the “window of opportunity” during which we are able to clean between guests. We assume check-in times of 4pm and check-out times of 11am. If you are currently using other times, please try to transition to these times with future guests so we are consistent.

Example of how to present a list of needed cleans for best clarity:

Guests in Nov 20-24Image of house for second home cleaning in truckee ca
Owners in Nov 25-29
Guests in Dec 15-22 *back-to back (“TURN”)
Guests in Dec 22-29 *NEW (added request since last email)
Owners Dec 30-Jan 4 *
Guest Jan 4- 9

Schedule a cleaning by completing our easy-to-use comprehensive Service Request Form.

Schedule Cleaning Now

Back-to-back requests, known as a TURN, or turnaround, will be done between 11am and 4pm. We may need to leave one last load of towels in the dryer with a note for guests during the busy season. During the holiday season of Christmas and New Years there is an additional TURN charge of $50.

Laundry Services

For vacation homes, it is the laundry which may slow us down for the clean. To help with the process, please ask guests to start a load of towels and get them in to the dryer before departure. If they are able to get through more than one load they can leave the clean (unfolded is ok) items on top of the dryer or bed with a note that says CLEAN. Anything dirty can be left on the laundry floor or in the bedrooms. NEVER leave anything wet in the washer. I have notes made up to put in the laundry area as reminders to guests. If you would like me to post them or send them to you, let me know.

In rental homes, where we are doing laundry we must have a second set of sheets for all beds and plenty of extra towels. Also, keep in mind that although flannel sheets are cozy for the winter months, they do take up more space in the washer and are slower to dry.

If there is particular bedding you would like on certain beds, please fill out our Sheet Chart. We will post one in the laundry area and keep one in your house folder.

Click here for a printable Sheet Chart form

Although we do supply our own rags, we may need to wash a load while cleaning your home.

Please make sure your washer is working properly and note any specific cycles you would like us to use directly on the unit. Also, please have your dryer serviced once a year to help with efficiency and for safety. Having a spare dryer in the garage for larger homes is great if possible.

Setting up a Rental Home

If this is your first time renting your home, or you would like to know specifics tips on how to best present your home to guests to increase satisfaction and decrease damages, we are available for a consultation. We will meet you at your house to discuss layout, safety, locked areas, supplies, and will refer trusted vendors to use for any home issues that may arise as needed.