Cleaning Products to Meet Your Needs

cleaning product list TruckeeOur team will bring cleaning supplies. However, if you prefer green products or your home needs specific products (for example: granite, stone, delicate floors, hard-water stain remover, etc.), please provide these for us. You may have most of these products on hand. But just to be sure we have everything needed to ensure we take care of your home perfectly, please check through the list and pick up what may be missing for your first service.

We provide all cleaning rags which, on occasion, may need to be cleaned while in your home. If you would like to provide your own rags for your home, please let us know.

Product List:

  • Degreaser (such as 409 or Citra Solv for cleaning the kitchen)
  • Stainless Steel Cleaner (we prefer the aerosol, Weiman’s is the best)
  • Comet/ Ajax/ Bon Ami (for brightening white sinks and bathtubs)
  • Pumice Stone (for removing hard water stains in the toilet)
  • Glass Cleaner (Windex, etc)
  • Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner – NOT the aerosol
  • Soap Scum/Hard Water Remover (such as Tilex for shower walls – be sure it’s not the mildew remover, unless needed, because it is toxic to breathe in)
  • Pinesol/Simple Green (for cleaning bathroom/tile floors – this can also be diluted into a spray bottle and used as the antibacterial bathroom cleaner – just be sure to mark the spray bottle clearly)
  • White Vinegar / Bona (for cleaning the hard wood floors)
  • Scratchy Back Sponges (for scouring sinks and tubs)
  • A WORKING Vacuum * Call Nevada Vacuum or A-1 Sewing and Vacuum for service & repair
  • Extra Vacuum Bags and Vacuum Belts
  • Broom and Mop (flat head mop with washable covers are best for hardwood)
  • Cobweb pole to reach high cobwebs


If you have any additional questions about our cleaning products, please don’t hesitate to call

(530) 550-7218 or email